The drive to fund the Emergency Student Support project prompted by the coronavirus crisis has concluded. If you were a contributor to that cause, thank you so much for your support.

While the crowdfunding for this project has concluded, you can still contribute to the Emergency Student Support fund at:

Emergency Student Support

Raised toward our $200,000 Goal
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Project has ended
Project ended on July 01, at 01:00 AM MDT
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Emergency Student Support

Bobcat Relief: help students get through the COVID-19 crisis


With the unprecedented disruption caused by the Coronavirus, we have established a special emergency fund to help students through difficult circumstances. Will you help?

Many MSU students are in desperate need of support for basic necessities, including temporary housing, emergency transportation, food and supplies, student stipends and other direct costs arising from the crisis. This fund has been created to provide emergency assistance during this crisis and for any that may arise in the future. It will be administered by the Vice President for Student Success.

We realize that many of our alumni and friends are also experiencing difficulty and uncertainty in their lives as a result of the crisis and hope you don't think less of us for asking. If you are able to help, please do. It will mean the world to our students.

Your support for Montana State is inspiring and we are grateful for all you do. We will get through this together—and together, we are Bobcats.

The Emergency Fund Awards committee received 85 student requests totaling more than $86,000 within the first 72 hours of the link going live on March 31st. This is only a fraction of the total students in need expected to apply for assistance.

Here are just a few situations that this fund will help:

“I am a single mother, the primary caretaker of my two children, and a full-time nursing student. I am employed as a server at a local restaurant that has been closed due to Covid-19; therefore I do not have any income to pay my rent, car payment, phone bill, and internet bill (needed for school that has been moved to online).”

“I had to go to Urgent Care a few weekends ago because the health center wasn’t open, and I had symptoms aligned with COVID. My teaching assistantship covers my rent and half a month of groceries, but not unexpected medical bills. I am planning to graduate in May, but am worried that after the semester ends, I won’t be able to find a job. I’m eating a lot of ramen right now! “

“I need help paying rent and purchasing food and supplies after all of my supplementary sources of income (art events/ theater performances) have been cancelled and access to my MSU art studio (the location of all of the equipment and materials I need to make art work, which is my primary source of income) has been prohibited.”

“Due to COVID-19 I have lost all my regular nannying and babysitting jobs. That income allowed me to pay rent and buy groceries. I am unable to go home as my grandparents live with my mom and they have compromised immune systems.”

“I am a full-time student at MSU and my husband works full-time. We were both laid off from our jobs due to Covid-19. I was denied unemployment and we are still waiting to hear about his application. We are nervous about being able to afford basic bills and rent. Even if my husband gets full unemployment benefits, we will still be short almost $1,000 a month. If this lasts much longer, I’m not sure how we will make ends meet.”


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