College of Arts and Architecture

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College of Arts & Architecture

The College of Arts & Architecture advances studio-based learning, critical studies and public art, providing an experience that is unique to our region and vital to the world.

The College includes the Schools of Architecture; Art; Film and Photography and the Department of Music.

Disciplinary- accredited professional Schools offer programs that span traditional areas of study, such as the fine arts to highly technical emerging fields such as music technology. Nationally recognized programs in architecture and film draw significant numbers of out-of-state students. Our programs balance access with excellence and limited space by requiring students to pass through a gate (GPA, portfolio review, audition) after one year of study.

Undergraduate Degrees: Bachelor of Environmental Design (Architecture), BFA/BA Studio Arts, BFA/BA Graphic Design, BA Art Education, BA Art History, BA Motion Picture/Video/Theater (Film), BA Photography, BA Music, Bachelor of Music Education, BA Music Technology.

Graduate Degrees: Master of Architecture, Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Master of Art in Art History, and Master of Fine Arts in Science and Natural History Filmmaking. (MFA is the terminal studio-based degree.)

  • Over 1200 majors or 7.8% of the total student body
  • 25 core courses in the arts including studio, history, and lecture
  • Excellent instruction with intensive hands-on studio experiences
  • Unique programs that are especially well suited to MSU academically and geographically
  • Critical to the state – providing professional architects, designers, music educators in virtually every community
  • Globally connected and responsible
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